Basic operations#

integrate(double[, , const double[, , ...)

Integrate context input associated with an item into context.

present(double[, , const double[, , double[, ...)

Present an item and associate with context.

cue_item(int n, int n_f, const double[, , ...)

Cue an item based on context.

apply_softmax(int n, int n_f, double[, int[, ...)

Apply softmax rule to item activation.

Simulating tasks#

study(double[, , const double[, , double[, , ...)

Simulate study of a list.

study_distract(double[, , const double[, , ...)

Simulate study of a list with distraction.

p_recall(int start, int n_f, int[, double[, ...)

Calculate the likelihood of each recall in a sequence.