prepare_lists(data[, study_keys, ...])

Prepare study and recall data for simulation.

prepare_study(study_data[, study_keys])

Prepare study phase data for simulation.


Get best results from a repeated search.

add_recalls(study, recalls_list)

Add recall sequences to a study DataFrame.

Model evaluation#


Base class for evaluating a model of free recall.

Recall.likelihood_subject(study, recall, param)

Log likelihood of data for one subject based on a given model.

Recall.likelihood(data, group_param[, ...])

Log likelihood summed over all subjects.

Parameter estimation#

Recall.fit_subject(subject_data, param_def)

Fit a model to data for one subject.

Recall.fit_indiv(data, param_def[, ...])

Fit parameters to individual subjects.

Generating simulated data#

Recall.generate_subject(study, recall, param)

Generate simulated data for one subject.

Recall.generate(data, group_param[, ...])

Generate simulated data for all subjects.

Characterizing model parameters#

Recall.parameter_sweep(data, group_param, ...)

Simulate data with varying parameters.

Recall.parameter_recovery(data, n_sample, ...)

Run multiple iterations of parameter recovery.